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I have always loved to bake - mostly because I can follow instructions and recipes, and I have had good luck with my turnout. But, more recently, I have learned the joy of cooking. I love trying out new recipes, and I like to play with recipes to accommodate my finicky tastes.

I find inspiration in the healthy blogging community. I wanted to start a blog to share the recipes I have tried with you, but I also want to share with you my healthy living goals, plans, and actions in hopes to inspire some of you as well.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back to Normal

Thank goodness my appetite has made its way back to normal.  I did end up spreading some soft organic goat cheese on my burger last night and had cantaloupe for dessert instead of the grilled banana.  I snacked on some Garden of Eatin' Chili Lime tortilla chips with Trader Joe's Spicy Bean Dip while the turkey burger was on the grill. 

This morning I woke up a little late, but still had time for a workout.  Pre-workout I had a bowl of quinoa with a mashed banana and cinnamon.  This was the first time I tried quinoa for breakfast, and I was pleased because it kept my hunger at bay for longer than my usual bowl of cereal or oat bran.  For today's workout, I did three Denise Austin Daily Dozen videos for a total of 36 minutes.  The breakfast quinoa held me over until about an hour into my workday.  I had an apple and a cup of greek yogurt around 9 a.m.

The rest of my meals today will pretty much mirror yesterdays because I am volunteering at the food shelf tonight after work so I packed a leftover turkey burger, english muffin, cooked spinach, and sweet corn.  Lunch is leftover steamed brussels sprouts, lentils, baby carrots, and toasted Ezekiel sesame bread.  My afternoon snack will be my usual celery and cheese and a mango. 

After working at the food shelf tonight, I am going to swing over to a friend's house to help her decorate her son's birthday cake, and then I will head home and concoct some sort of dessert.  It has been a while since I have had chocolate, so dessert will probably involve chocolate, and probably some almonds or walnuts, too!

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