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I have always loved to bake - mostly because I can follow instructions and recipes, and I have had good luck with my turnout. But, more recently, I have learned the joy of cooking. I love trying out new recipes, and I like to play with recipes to accommodate my finicky tastes.

I find inspiration in the healthy blogging community. I wanted to start a blog to share the recipes I have tried with you, but I also want to share with you my healthy living goals, plans, and actions in hopes to inspire some of you as well.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

Wow, it is Tuesday already!  I meant to post my weekend recap yesterday, but the day got away from me!  Saturday morning I had toast with homemade walnut butter and a bowl of Mom's Best Natural Toasted Wheat-fuls with skim milk.  The weather was absolutely beautiful.  I ran to the farmer's market (2 miles).  My husband met me there with the car (and a bottle of water!) so we could shop around.  The growing season has been short with the crazy weather so there wasn't much there.  We bought some lettuce, and then I ran home while he drove the lettuce home so I didn't have to run with it!  We restained the deck and benches in the back yard.  I grazed the whole day on snacks and ended up eating way too much (tummy ache).  But it was all delicious stuff.

I didn't work out on Sunday, but we did go to the flower mart and bought some annuals to plant in our pots for our patio and front porch.  We also bought two candy corn vines to creep up the trellis my hubby built a couple of years ago.  Then my husband washed and waxed the car while I did some laundry and other domestic stuff.  Dinner on Sunday night was lemon pepper grilled chicken, steamed asparagus, and roasted red potatoes. 

I hope you had a good weekend.  How was the weather where you live? 

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